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Corona Cameras -
DayCor® Family of Products
Caméras multispectrale

Officially certified by RWE as the most sensitive Daytime Corona Cameras


Designates potential dammage
Contributes to utilities reliablity
Tests critical components' condition
Reduces maintenance tasks cost
Guaranteed top quality products

  • PdM solutions - DayCor® corona and arcing detection systems provide electric utilities with a wide range of maintenance and predictive maintenance (PdM) solutions at various stages of their operations

  • Detect faults in UVc - DayCor® innovative technology deploys the UVc spectral band pass to detect faults and electric discharge in electric grids, substations, transmission lines, distribution, generation etc

  • Various maintenance applications - DayCor® systems are used by maintenance teams, and service companies and by contractors for applications such as: commissioning, finding sources of audio noise, solving radio frequency (RF) & TV interferences, during insulators washing and for locating critical faulty components. DayCor® systems are also used by the petrochemical industry to detect H2 fire.

  • Pinpoint sources of surface partial discharge - DayCor® corona cameras and UV detection systems pinpoint sources of surface partial discharge, corona and arcing in full daylight and at almost any weather condition.

  • Proprietary technology - DayCor® imagers are manufactured with exclusive proprietary UV filters and optics, and are absolutely solar blind.

  • Top qaulity - Renown for their top quality and highest sensitivity, DayCor® systems are used worldwide by prominent public and private electric organization, eclectic utilities, high voltage research institutes and laboratories and services providers.

  • Customer support - DayCor® users benefit from heartily support and professional customer service and are invited to participate in bi-annual meetings UGM, where they are exposed to latest technological innovations.

  • Worldwide distritutors - DayCor® are sold through a net of distributors all over the world. To find a representative in your area click here >>find

corona detection by DayCor
Corona detected by DayCor Camera


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